We are excited to offer you our PRIVATE PARTY SERVICES!  

These packages are great for the Holidays and also for Birthday, Bachelorette & Bridal Parties.  We will come to you or you can book it at the Studio!

Playhouse Pilates has been built largely on the referrals of our clients with family, friends and colleagues and over the years we have been asked to host Private Parties both in our Studio and on-site at private clubs or homes at the request of our clients, but it is not something we have officially offered until now!!

Our Philosophy has always been to empower our community to learn and practice the self-care and conditioning techniques that our Programs and Products offer in their daily lives on their own, because this maximizes their time and money investment in training and learning with us – it’s just common sense.

Here are some of the Private Party ideas that we want to offer you, and you are free to create your own custom concept too!  A Party is a gathering in of 3-10 people.  

Yamuna Face Saver with Pampering Spa Party for 3 or more!

This 4-hour Spa Party is totally unique to the programs and products from Playhouse Pilates. What will be provided:

Yamuna Face Saver Workshop** (75-minutes) with Kit for each person to take home (includes Face Ball Set, DVD & Carrying Sachet): $115.00 per person value.
 – Light Refreshments that are customized to you and your tastesyamunafacesaver_kit
 – Champagne and Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Beverage
 – Customized Skin Care Demonstrations of our Beauty Box Products (including Glacial Marine Mud & Lifting Masks, Polishing Peel, Lip Plumping Balm and Healthy Mascara) and more!
 – Lastly, we will provide more tools for Stress Free Holiday with Pilates breathing techniques and, we’ll leave everything tidy when we leave!

$192.00* per person – (Example: Party of 6: $1,150.00) Book it today!  (626) 371-0000 – This event can be Donated!

Heels for the Holidays!  

We want to feel and look our best when out at Holiday gatherings with family or work and we often opt to wear footwear that is out of our normal heel range because of the time of year and the festivity!  But, ouch!  It can backfire and the pain is too high a price to pay, so often we opt for the sensible shoes that we can tolerate, but we miss being able to just wear what we want to wear!!  Enter:  Heel-ology!  

This 2-hour Heel-ology Party is based on exclusive Services and Products at Playhouse Pilates.  

Heel-ology is unique blend of Yamuna Foot Fitness, tools and techniques; Pilates principles and concepts; as well as exceptional foot care products including Essential oil blends, invigoration gels and soothing creams.

Benefits include: Improved Posture; foot comfort and understanding of self-care protocols.
 – 60 minute Heel-olgy Workshop** with Foot Saver or Waker Kit (both will be available to choose from): $115.00 per person value.
 – Each participant will get a personalized assessment.  Bring your heels with you!  
 – Gift bag of goodies!
 – Products available for use, purchase and as pre-wrapped Gifts.
 – Light refreshments will be served and, we’ll leave the place tidy!!

$150.00* per person value – (Party of 6: $900.00) Book it today!  (626) 371-0000 – This event can be Donated!


More options will be posted this month and please, feel free to let us know if you have an idea of your own and we’ll customize it for you! 


*Price is adjusted if a participant has their own kit already.     **Contact us for contraindications for this class.