The JumpBoard Class is a twist on the traditional Pilates Reformer Class!   The JumpBoard or Platform is an original Joe Pilates creation and part of the Universal Reformer Repertoire.  If you are experienced with the Pilates Reformer, you will love the JumpBoard Class!   If you are new to Pilates, this class is open to beginners just as you would attend a beginner Mat Class.

In these classes we use a light spring resistance that is Low to No-Impact on your joints, but delivers a superb Cardio, Toning, Strengthening and Flexibility Experience.  It will challenge you while providing a fun and fresh approach to Pilates exercises, balance training and stretching with effective resistance!  Equipment Classes are central to our 90-Day Challenge Packages as they offer healthy, tangible and measurable improvements at an affordable price.

Pricing is the same as the Semi-Private Equipment Classes (See Packages Page).


WHAT TO EXPECT AS A CLIENT:There is a difference between an experienced client with the Pilates Reformer and a new-comer to the apparatus, as well as a difference between clients we know and those new to the studio.  We will accommodate wherever you are in your experience! The Semi-Private Reformer Class offers an affordable opportunity to experience the Pilates Reformer in a semi-private setting.  The group is currently limited to four clients.

Requirements to participate:
Experience on the Reformer that is approved in at least one private session with a Playhouse Pilates instructor and One Orientation Session to learn how to participate in the class.

Novices must have at least Five Private Sessions and One  Orientation Session to learn to participate in the class.

Orientation Sessions and Workshops:  The Orientation Sessions and Workshops are designed to take you through the basic Reformer Class Repertoire and learn how to operate the machine and work with the spring settings and modifications that are best for you for each exercise.

Progression Sessions and Workshops:  As you move to a new level in your conditioning and want to participate in Advanced Reformer Classes and Workshops, the Progression Session will help you to assess when to increase difficulty and build your skill level.  Pilates Sessions were never intended to be mindless routines that are done by rote*.  There is a learning process and progression that allows for life long conditioning and well-being at whatever level you are.  As we have more and more classes, you will have the opportunity to progress at your own pace, even in the semi-private session!

*rote 1 (r t). n. 1. A memorizing process using routine or repetition, often without full attention or comprehension: learn by rote. 2. Mechanical routine. …