Charlyn d’Anconia, MA, PMA-CPT
Owner, Founder & Teacher

Joseph Pilates was a BIG advocate of skin care.  For some reason this is a seldom mentioned fact about him though it is pervasive in his writing and the subject of many stories from those who had the chance to work with him personally.

At Playhouse Pilates We see your mind-body from Head-to-Toe!™

Aging, weight change (sometimes dramatic), pregnancy, surgery, injury – you name it!  Our skin is subject to constant change.  It is our largest organ and often our first line of defense to what we are exposed to in our environment, including what we take into our bodies.  Our skin is one of the important ways that our body expresses our state of health.

Proper exercise, effective body-work coupled with adequate hydration, proper nutrition and smart supplementation can have an incredibly positive impact on our skin, both through muscle tone beneath the surface and through the benefits of losing fat layers, deeply breathing (i.e. oxygenating and cleansing) and moving toxins out of our system.  

To this end, I am continuously searching for and researching products and programs that I find to be useful, effective and, above all, simple to incorporate into daily life.  There are multiple ways to Contour the Body that don’t involve expensive and invasive procedures.  Contact us for details and get on our Mailing List to participate in our regular events where we share these techniques that are designed for Vibrant Health!


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