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Top athletes, models, actors and celebrities know that professional stretching and deep tissue massage are just some of the key elements to keeping their bodies toned, flexible and able to better process stress.  You can work with a qualified practitioner or, YBR® gives you the ability to ‘work on yourself’ anytime, anywhere, forever.


Pre & Post Natal Sessions Available – Wonderful!

In a YBR® class one learns to work on each part of the body, rolling the appropriate ball (vis-à-vis size and firmness, balls are of varying sizes from 4″-10″ diameter) from the bum to the calf; from the tail bone up to the skull; from the abdomen up to the collar bone; from the collar bone out to the shoulder joint; and so on. Everywhere you have muscle connecting from one place to the next; this is the path along which Yamuna® Body Rolling takes you.

YBR® is a natural complement to any workout or sports training program [Pilates,Yoga, CoreAlign, BalleCore®, Swimming & Water Fitness, Resistance Training, Golf, Tennis, etc]. Their goals are the same:  To free the body of restrictions, eliminate stress and tension; creating a calm and balanced you.”*

Photo courtesy of Yamuna Body Rolling

YBR® is  integrated into many of the classes and sessions at PLAYHOUSE PILATES, helping to improve your practice and prevent injury, both in the studio, at home and on the road. 

Since 2007 PLAYHOUSE PILATES has offered Weekly YBR® Classes and regularly hosts Workshops to teach YBR® moves and concepts that will kick up any exercise and nutrition plan you’ve chosen to maintain optimal flexibility, health and body contour:  Our YBR® Workshops will empower your practice!  We encourage clients to use the YBR® products on their own and to join us for classes, workshops and privates for fresh information and tune-ups!

Yamuna Body Rolling Privates & Classes are priced the same as and are included in our Regular Packages so you can add a YBR session to any package to try it out. See our Packages Page for details



Release Facial Stress Patterns – So relaxing…

Yamuna Face Saver Program

Some people ask, “How is the Face is related to the body…”  Stating it that clearly it seems obvious before they even finish their sentence!  Your face and your skull are part of your body and in ourPilates, YBR®, CoreAlign and BalleCore® programs consistently strive help better align your head with your spine and support this alignment throughout the musculoskeletal systems of the body! 

Once you see the lift and tone of your face that comes from improved posture why not continue to work to your face more specifically?   If you are suffering from TMJ, stress, jaw tightness, squinting and frowning you may notice a difference immediately in how you feel and look from the Yamuna Face Saver Kit!  Reducing tension is a way that no other self-care technique can do, that we know of.   Click here for more information and a video clip!  There are contraindications that apply to participating in Yamuna Face Saver Classes and with YFS products.  See below.*** 

Yamuna Face Saver Products & Services
Yamuna Face Saver Kit
(Includes Two Ball Set, DVD & Bag)
(plus Tax)
Playhouse Pilates’
Yamuna Face Saver Manual
Session Description
 Five Ten Twenty
Yamuna Face Saver Private Session
(Introductory Session & Includes Kit)
145 each  ———– ————
Yamuna Face Saver Private Session
(With Your Own Kit)
$80 each
(77 each)
(75 each)


(70 each)

Yamuna Face Saver Workshop 
(Minimum of 3 people)
(Includes 75-minute Workshop & Kit)
$95 each
Yamuna Face Saver Workshop (Must have a
Yamuna Face Kit to participate)

(75-minutes With Your Own Kit)


($33 each)


($30 each)


Yamuna Face Saver Workshop 
(Minimum of 4 people)

(Includes 75-minute Workshop & Kit) 


Yamuna Zake (pictured here), Creator of Yamuna Body Rolling and Yamuna Face Saver. “In a Yamuna® Face Saver session, (whether performed with a certified practitioner or at home, by yourself) a small face ball and a larger neck ball are gently worked … to actually lift your facial muscles back where they are supposed to be.  At the end of one full session, your skin is brighter; your face appears fuller because the bones are activated and your skin is plump due to increased circulation. Results are seen immediately. Benefits are cumulative.”*

*Courtesy of the YBR® website.

**We will come to you for a Workshop with your friends and family!  Great for Bridal Parties and Special Events!

***CONTRAINDICATIONS:  Before you purchase a kit or participate in any Yamuna Face Saver Session please note: Yamuna Face Saver (YFS) may help prolong the effects of injectable procedures and can tone muscles after face lifts, HOWEVER, the contraindications to participate in our workshop or to use of YFS products & services include: 30 days since injection Treatments such as, Botox, Restylane or other; at least one year since a Face Lift and; Never, if you have had wire lifting implants. NOTE: It is your responsibility to inform the YFS teacher of any treatments or surgeries. You may do so privately before the class. All information is personal and confidential. PLEASE NOTIFY US OF ANYTHING THAT MIGHT RESTRICT YOUR PARTICIPATION IN OUR FACE PROGRAM.. Click here for more information & video sample!

Photos sourced from Yamuna Body Rolling®