Phase Two Pilates Mastery & Teaching


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  • Free 45-minute Q&A Webinar
  • 2-hour Experiential Workshop &
  • Mastery Phase One, Tier 1/Anatomy & Physiology Intensive 

Phase Two Teacher Track Includes:

•    Tier 4: 90-Day Challenge (Intermediate/Advanced & Mastery Level Mat, Reformer, Trapeze, Wunda Chair & Ladder Barrel and small apparatus)

* $1,997.00 / $2,647.00  

•    18 hours PMA Lab & Lecture Workshop Modules for a Professional Career in Teaching Pilates (Movement Fluency Cueing, Pilates Scope of Practice, the Business of Pilates, Contraindications & Special Populations, Examination and Test-out preparation

•     Balance of 450 Required Comprehensive Hours
•     Pilates Method Alliance Study Guide Comprehensive Review
•     Final Practical & Written Test Out 


Phase Two Personal Mastery Track Includes*:

  • Tier 4: 90-Day Challenge (Advanced & Mastery Level Mat, Reformer & Trapeze)
  • Tier 4:  Intensive Module(s) for Deepening Knowledge & Mastery
  • Pricing will vary.


  • *Note: This Track is Flexible in that – within 24 months of day one of Phase One – participants can purchase Teacher Training Modules, Materials and Observational & Practical Hours à-la-carte and all Track Sessions, hours and modules purchased within their Personal Mastery Track can go toward the 450-hour Comprehensive Teacher Training Completion Certificate.
  • *90-Day-Great-Body Challenges come in All Private Formats and are also customizable whereby a participant can create each Challenge in any combination of Privates and Classes that they want.  This will change the pricing.  Restrictions apply.

*Individual Proficiency will vary.  We do not guarantee that participants will achieve Advanced or Mastery Level skill 

**Exact hours may vary between phases but they will always add up to the required PMA hours before the Comprehensive Training Course is completed.

New Pricing for the Phase Two, Tier 4 package will be in effect January 1, 2018  Mixed Privates & Classes $2,197.00 / All Private Option $2,847.00