TR90 Body ReDesign Nutritional Challenge 2017


DIET is a four letter word. 

The truth is that the scale measures our relationship to gravity not our health.

Rapid “weight loss” generally involves loss of fat and muscle.  Muscle weighs 10 times more than fat.  Muscle is what our Body Engine is made of so we don’t want to lose it!

TR90DonLoveLaceIf you can’t make it in to the Studio as frequently as you would like or you live out of the area, you can still significantly reshape your body and make all exercise that you do more efficient. 

The TR 90 Program is created to redesign your body with less fat, more lean muscle and these changes alone improve your health, immune system function and body contour.

Keep and Build your muscle and increase Your Body Engine!

30 & 90 Day Packages Available

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The difference is the ageLOC ingredient technology that leverages our Gene Expression and the sources of aging.

For about $14.00 per day you get two meal replacements and all of your supplements – a program that has stood the test of Muscle Preservation and Fat Loss and not just ‘losing water’. 

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We will Sponsor & Support you.  Our clients will give you their Personal Testimonial!

“I’ve walked my dog for years and my body didn’t change.  With Pilates once to twice a week and the TR90 program, I find myself feeling stronger and the walks I take are now transforming my body:  3 dress sizes down and I’m getting my waist back!”  Barbara, 71

Watch this Why Diets Don’t Work 90 second Video – it’s just common sense…



Charlyn d’Anconia, MA, PMA-CPT, CPNH NuSkin.Pharmanex Executive USW8722838

A personal note from Charlyn: “Over the years I have been approached to endorse every ‘get thin quick’ product line you can imagine!  I have never endorsed any of them because they all seemed to reduce muscle mass; sometimes to the point where clients had to STOP exercising!  It was very discouraging. Until I saw the results with my own eyes with the Pharmanex TR90 program, I was skeptical.  What results?  Loss of Fat and gain and preservation of Muscle; even with people over 50, 60 and even 70! The science backs up this product (it is now listed on the Physician’s Desk Reference, for example). For those who have completed the 90 days I have seen consistent gains in strength, body contouring, particularly in the waist and, lasting results. I’ve tried this product myself and continue to use the Protein Boost, Green Shake and periodic use of JumpStart!”