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Strong & Fit – Sign up Today!! Battle the Bulge…

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    • $29.00 per Equipment Class
    • $15.00 per Mat Class

STRONG & FIT IN SIX!!  Back by popular demand this is a Seasonal Special that is quickly becoming a staple Challenge for our Clients!  The classes allowed are any of the Mat and Equipment Classes on our Calendar**.  You must complete this Challenge in 6 Weeks – classes do NOT transfer! – so Sign-up Today!  No roll-overs or stopping the clock.  So start now and Sign-up for the Classes you want then, we can get Registration set up in advance.


Peace of Mind & Body:  Contact us with any questions you have, this is a simple schedule to set up and this package can be repeated.  Download our free APP for iPhone or Android to gain instant access to the Class Calendar.

(626) 371-0000 ext 2 or

*Price includes 2% Credit Card Fee (VISA, MC, AMEX) 

** Conditions apply AND, Customizations are possible.  Ask us today!

Please, always consult with your primary health care practitioner before starting any exercise or weight management program.


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“If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health.”  

HIPPOCRATES, 4th Century B.C.

We are very proud to announce the launch of our very own


Now Available! Click here to check it out  

This is a Major addition to the Services & Programs we offer here at Playhouse Pilates.  60-70% of Body Contouring & Fat Reduction is based in Nutrition and Supplement choices.  We are so excited to offer these services and work with clients and other health care providers!   


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What we do at Playhouse Pilates and @PilatesSmarts is all about being CENTER STRONG.  Focusing on the ABS and LEGS interchangeably!  This is about exploring how the abdomen and the legs interact to either build our health or break it down!  And, about launching our Nutrition & Digestive Health Program which explores whether the healthy foods we’re eating are actually building our bodies strong or, not nourishing us at all and why.  

When we have the Knowledge and the Strength to know how to lift ourselves in relationship to gravity – literally out of our legs in order to free the hips, knees, ankles and feet! – the freedom of movement is astonishing!

1.) Abdominal Length.  Proper core muscle recruitment both during and outside of specific exercises, will make an enormous difference in how your organs function.  Abdominal Length also allows the lungs to align to improve how you breathe,  reducing pressure on your heart and the crowding of all other organs in your abdomen.  Worth it?  YES!

2.)  Legs.  Our legs provide us with ongoing support and circulation.  Walking is an amazing form of healing.  In my opinion, everything we’re doing in our Studio is designed to improve our lives outside-of-the-Studio!  At the center of this is improving Walking and Moving.  The mechanical act of Walking after a meal has been long understood to be beneficial, but why is it so effective at promoting healthy digestion?  

3.)  Nutrition & Digestive Health.  How is our nourishment getting to our cells…or not..? Let’s face it, if we eat the most healthy, organic, expensive, home prepared food available and if we’re not digesting it then how is it going to improve our health..?  

We have several ways of measuring how our clients are actually digesting and assimilating what they consume and the results are truly enlightening!  It is not just about what we’re eating!  How can our food come into alignment with our cells..?  In June we’re launching our our game-changing Nutrition & Digestive Health program in order to help you understand MindBody Nourishment in a way that is unique, effective and as simple to incorporate as possible to optimize your health and results.  

This program is many years in the making including a life-long passion for looking at how what we put in our bodies literally helps us become who we are and how we’ll move through time.  It has taken time and thoughtful research to find the right combination of education and products.  Seeing what works and what does not and to finally bring it to you is such a Joy!  Stay tuned and get on our mailing list for the latest updates.  





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Get on our mailing list and download our free Playhouse Pilates APP to get dates and information about our YFS program and classes!  

Every one participates gets 2 TruFace Essence Ultra “Pearls.”  What’s a pearl?  Click here to learn more.

Contact us with questions:
(626) 371-0000, press 1

Reservations Required!


Before Session

After Session

This is so much more than an aesthetic practice. The release of tension of the jaw, the eyes, the mouth, forehead, scalp and neck has an incredible effect on our overall feeling of well-being! We are stimulating bone, tendon and muscle groups of the face. The work refreshes body and mind. The truth is that we can work the muscles of the face, just like we work with the natural structure of the body to rebuild tone, increase circulation and reduce tension.

Some people ask, “How is the Face is related to a body program like Pilates…”  Stating it that clearly it seems obvious before they even finish their statement!  Your face and your skull are part of your body and in our YBR, Pilates, CoreAlign and BalleCore programs we are consistently striving to align your head with your spine and support this alignment throughout the musculoskeletal systems of the body!

Once you experience the lift and tone of your face that comes from improved posture you will want to continue to work on your face more specifically!  If you are suffering from TMJ, stress, jaw tightness, squinting and frowning you may notice a difference immediately in how you feel and look from the Yamuna Face Saver Kit!  There are contraindications that apply to participating.  See contraindications below.

Book a One-to-One YFS Session!

Kits are $80.00. Ask if in stock!  Makes a great gift!  

Prices for Classes & Private Sessions vary with your own YFS Kit or not.  See pricing for Classes, Private Sessions and Packages.

*CONTRAINDICATIONS: YFS may help prolong to effects of injectable procedures and can tone muscles after face lifts, HOWEVER, certain contraindications to participate in our workshop or use YFS include: 3-4 weeks after a Botox, Restylane or other injection Treatment; one year after a Face Lift and; Never, if you have had wire lifting implants. NOTE: It is your responsibility to inform the YFS teacher of any treatments or surgeries. You may do so privately before the class. All information is personal and confidential. PLEASE NOTIFY US OF ANYTHING THAT MIGHT RESTRICT YOUR PARTICIPATION IN OUR FACE PROGRAM.  

This video clip gives you a glimpse at a class and a chance to hear Yamuna Zake herself share a bit of her philosophy.

TR90 Body ReDesign Nutritional Challenge 2017

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DIET is a four letter word. 

The truth is that the scale measures our relationship to gravity not our health.

Rapid “weight loss” generally involves loss of fat and muscle.  Muscle weighs 10 times more than fat.  Muscle is what our Body Engine is made of so we don’t want to lose it!

TR90DonLoveLaceIf you can’t make it in to the Studio as frequently as you would like or you live out of the area, you can still significantly reshape your body and make all exercise that you do more efficient. 

The TR 90 Program is created to redesign your body with less fat, more lean muscle and these changes alone improve your health, immune system function and body contour.

Keep and Build your muscle and increase Your Body Engine!

30 & 90 Day Packages Available

(626) 371-0000 ext 2

The difference is the ageLOC ingredient technology that leverages our Gene Expression and the sources of aging.

For about $14.00 per day you get two meal replacements and all of your supplements – a program that has stood the test of Muscle Preservation and Fat Loss and not just ‘losing water’. 

ageloc-tr90SequenceCall (626) 371-0000 ext #2

We will Sponsor & Support you.  Our clients will give you their Personal Testimonial!

“I’ve walked my dog for years and my body didn’t change.  With Pilates once to twice a week and the TR90 program, I find myself feeling stronger and the walks I take are now transforming my body:  3 dress sizes down and I’m getting my waist back!”  Barbara, 71

Watch this Why Diets Don’t Work 90 second Video – it’s just common sense…



Charlyn d’Anconia, MA, PMA-CPT, CPNH NuSkin.Pharmanex Executive USW8722838

A personal note from Charlyn: “Over the years I have been approached to endorse every ‘get thin quick’ product line you can imagine!  I have never endorsed any of them because they all seemed to reduce muscle mass; sometimes to the point where clients had to STOP exercising!  It was very discouraging. Until I saw the results with my own eyes with the Pharmanex TR90 program, I was skeptical.  What results?  Loss of Fat and gain and preservation of Muscle; even with people over 50, 60 and even 70! The science backs up this product (it is now listed on the Physician’s Desk Reference, for example). For those who have completed the 90 days I have seen consistent gains in strength, body contouring, particularly in the waist and, lasting results. I’ve tried this product myself and continue to use the Protein Boost, Green Shake and periodic use of JumpStart!”

Pilates Mat

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Pilates MAT:  Get results with traditionally based Pilates Mat Classes that will take you through the dynamic variety and challenge of the Pilates repertoire for mat.  Our Playhouse Pilates Mat class format can include Various Tools like Foam Rollers, Bands, Barres and Circles!  See our Pilates Page to learn more about the origin of Pilates.

Look for how our classes are categorized by Level so you can find the class that’s right for you.

I = Beginner
II = Intermediate
III = Advanced

Click here to get more information about Pilates.


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On the Allegro Reformer

Weekly Classes (Click here for current calendar)
This is not a traditional Pilates Reformer Class!   Pricing is the same as the Semi-Private Equipment Classes (Click here for pricing).

The JumpBoard or Platform is a Joe Pilates Original creation and part of the Universal Reformer Repertoire.  In these classes we use a light spring resistance that is Low to No-Impact on your joints, but delivers a superb Cardio, Toning, Strengthening and Flexibility Experience.  

WHAT TO EXPECT AS A CLIENT: These classes are open to anyone interested in Pilates Exercise and has an okay from their Health Care Provider to Participate in an exercise program.  Come dressed comfortably and ready to move.  No shoes are required, but socks may be more comfortable.  

Requirements to participate:
You do not need to have experience with Pilates or, the Pilates Reformer to participate, but of course it is helpful if you do.  You will gain experience and knowledge of Pilates, just like if you were to take a beginner Pilates Mat class.  You will need to inform the instructor of your background, any injuries or surgeries and experience and there is a brief orientation to the machine at the beginning of each class for first time participants.  

Pilates Sessions were never intended to be mindless routines that are done by rote*.  There is a learning process and progression that allows for life long conditioning and well-being at whatever level you are.  As we have more and more classes, you will have the opportunity to participate and progress at your own pace, even in the semi-private session.  Click here for more information about Equipment Classes.

*rote 1 (r t). n. 1. A memorizing process using routine or repetition, often without full attention or comprehension: learn by rote. 2. Mechanical routine. …

Peak Performance! Wednesdays, July 17-August 14


Join us for our

Peak Performance Foundation Package

Winter 2014 Dates TBD
$250.00 Including Classes & Materials

This is an in depth introduction to the Chekhov Acting Technique.   Understanding the foundation of this technique enables you to participate in our Advanced Classes including, Acting, Directing, Improvisation, Audition Success, HeadShotology and more!

This Workshop Series is Open to All Levels as this kind of training enables novices and professional performers alike to experience, absorb and use the material at their own pace.

Come learn how to gain profound access to your imagination and experience the well being of your body as your creative instrument.

  Click here for more details about the Technique and Performing Arts Training at Playhouse Pilates.


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Enjoy a Private, Small Apparatus PILATES, BALLECORE or BODY ROLLING or HYDROTONE PILATES©** Session in the privacy of your own home!  Prices are the same as one Private Session-At-Home on your Pilates apparatus.  

San Gabriel Area
$ 90.00 per Private Session*

Outside San Gabriel Area
$125.00 per Private Session*
*Cash or Check

** HydroTone Pilates© is performed either in your pool or at select locations in South Pas/Pasadena)



The BalleCore® Workout
Teacher Training
Playhouse Pilates, South Pasadena, CA
NEW DATES!! OCTOBER 10-13, 2013
30+ Hours
INCLUDES: Workshop, One BalleCore Barre, Manual,
Test Out, Certificate & Weblisting
Application & Registration Information @ ballecore .com

Based on the popular book by Molly Weeks, The BalleCore Workout is an incredibly versatile program that is perfect for a Pilates, dance or yoga studio, or gym!  The program adjusts to all levels of fitness and the BalleCore Barre requires no assembly or wall attachment and can be easily stored.  This program offers a creative, innovative and fresh approach to Mind-Body fitness and is in a class all its own!

Other Teacher Training and Certificate Programs for BalleCore Instructors:

BalleCore BARRE Pilates

BalleCore On-The-Move

BalleCore BARRE Yoga

BalleCore BARRE Ballet

BalleCore BARRE Choreography*

Pre/Postnatal BalleCore*

*For Instructors Certified by  BalleCore, LLC only.