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Actual Results from our 90-Day-Great-Body Challenge

Hi there!  Thank you so much for contacting us from your Hometown Map!  Feel free to contact us to set up a complimentary 15 minute consultation to see if we have services and or products that fit what you’re looking for.

For doing so, you get a Free Gift when you come in!  

Meanwhile, please download our free Breath is the Bridge PDF and email series that includes a 30 minute phone consultation for you to use simple breathing techniques to improve posture and core strength; any where, any time.  Get Fit 2018!!!

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FACE SAVER KITS – Including 2 ball set and 23-Page Downloadable PDF Handbook!  $65 today $48.75!      This Kit and Handout will keep you going through the Holidays feeling refreshed!  Enliven your face, neck and shoulders.  Reduce sinus pressure and ‘puffiness’!   Another component of our “Let’s Face the Holidays & Smile” Products and Events – Stay tuned for more!  Read on for more information about this phenomenal product and program.

Click here for 10% Off of All Regularly priced Private & Duo Session & Equipment & Mat Class Packages* for you or a loved one, friend or colleague! Choose a Gift Card Design.  
Discount Code at Check-out: #GIVINGPILATES   

*10% Excluding our 90-Day Challenge, Get Started and Performing Art Packages and Including Yamuna Face & Body Privates and Classes! 😄

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10 Years of Play with us!! 2007-2017

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Please join us for this unique Celebration to both Kick-Off the Holidays & Commemorate our 10th Year of Play in South Pasadena!!  We started in 2007 with and as an idea that a Mind & Body Pilates Studio could exist amidst an explosion of fitness Pilates trends, fads and incarnations.  Here we are 10 years later; still standing strong. 





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“If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health.”  

HIPPOCRATES, 4th Century B.C.

We are very proud to announce the launch of our very own


Now Available! Click here to check it out  

This is a Major addition to the Services & Programs we offer here at Playhouse Pilates.  60-70% of Body Contouring & Fat Reduction is based in Nutrition and Supplement choices.  We are so excited to offer these services and work with clients and other health care providers!   



We know you’re busier than ever! Stop by and let us pamper & feed you!  Kids are welcome. ;D

Healthy snacks,crackers with cottage cheese and fresh vegetables and herbs

Close-up of people making good cheer


Prize Drawings will be at 7:30 and 8:30 and you must be present to win! We always try to make the prizes over the top, as you know! Discounts packages of 10 or 20 Sessions – privates, semis and classes! – purchased at the event.



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Don’t let stomach problems ruin the upcoming holidays! This time of year it seems like there is food everywhere. It is tempting to constantly graze, either out of boredom, stress, or actual hunger, which can cause the gut to rebel. Fortunately, there is a way around this for this Holiday Season and every day gut health.

Keep Calm and Trust your Gut poster. Adaptation of the famous World War Two motivational poster of Great Britain.

You have probably heard of Enzymes, however, there seems to be a good deal of confusion about why they are important to your digestive health. Digestive Enzymes assist in breaking down the food you eat so it can be absorbed at a cellular level. The pancreas will produce these enzymes when they are not present in the food we’re eating, so ingesting enzymes can off-load the burden on this organ.

Humans are the only animals that cook their food. Processing and cooking kills enzymes in food. The pancreas then has to produce very high quantities of digestive enzymes to make up for what’s missing. This can stress the pancreas over time and may take away from its other, primary function, which is to produce insulin. When we look at the drastic increase of Type 2 diabetes in the world we can deduce that not only are we consuming more sugar than ever before, the way our food is processed and they way we eat, can be burdening our digestive organs.

Enzyme deficiencies can also result in:

• Bloating
• Constipation
• Flatulence
• Heartburn
• Acid reflux
• Cramping

To make matters worse, our body’s ability to produce enzymes decreases with age!

The good news is that the body never wastes enzymes that are ingested and, we can replenish our enzyme levels with fresh fruits and vegetables and quality supplementation.  Small amounts of enzymes can affect profound changes!   

A good quality enzyme supplement can generally help to improve digestion and minimize discomfort related to digestion such as those listed above.  What is remarkable is how enzymes contribute to so many other activities crucial to how our body functions.  

In addition to what they do in the gut, here are some more activities in our body that require enzymes:

• Reducing inflammation
• Energy production
• Fighting infections and healing wounds
• Absorption of oxygen
• Dissolving blood clots
• Proper hormone regulation
• Slowing the aging process

Our next Enzyme blog will explore these activities in more depth as well about enzymes and probiotics.




We are excited to offer you our PRIVATE PARTY SERVICES!  

These packages are great for the Holidays and also for Birthday, Bachelorette & Bridal Parties.  We will come to you or you can book it at the Studio!

Playhouse Pilates has been built largely on the referrals of our clients with family, friends and colleagues and over the years we have been asked to host Private Parties both in our Studio and on-site at private clubs or homes at the request of our clients, but it is not something we have officially offered until now!!

Our Philosophy has always been to empower our community to learn and practice the self-care and conditioning techniques that our Programs and Products offer in their daily lives on their own, because this maximizes their time and money investment in training and learning with us – it’s just common sense.

Here are some of the Private Party ideas that we want to offer you, and you are free to create your own custom concept too!  A Party is a gathering in of 3-10 people.  

Yamuna Face Saver with Pampering Spa Party for 3 or more!

This 4-hour Spa Party is totally unique to the programs and products from Playhouse Pilates. What will be provided:

Yamuna Face Saver Workshop** (75-minutes) with Kit for each person to take home (includes Face Ball Set, DVD & Carrying Sachet): $115.00 per person value.
 – Light Refreshments that are customized to you and your tastesyamunafacesaver_kit
 – Champagne and Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Beverage
 – Customized Skin Care Demonstrations of our Beauty Box Products (including Glacial Marine Mud & Lifting Masks, Polishing Peel, Lip Plumping Balm and Healthy Mascara) and more!
 – Lastly, we will provide more tools for Stress Free Holiday with Pilates breathing techniques and, we’ll leave everything tidy when we leave!

$192.00* per person – (Example: Party of 6: $1,150.00) Book it today!  (626) 371-0000 – This event can be Donated!

Heels for the Holidays!  

We want to feel and look our best when out at Holiday gatherings with family or work and we often opt to wear footwear that is out of our normal heel range because of the time of year and the festivity!  But, ouch!  It can backfire and the pain is too high a price to pay, so often we opt for the sensible shoes that we can tolerate, but we miss being able to just wear what we want to wear!!  Enter:  Heel-ology!  

This 2-hour Heel-ology Party is based on exclusive Services and Products at Playhouse Pilates.  

Heel-ology is unique blend of Yamuna Foot Fitness, tools and techniques; Pilates principles and concepts; as well as exceptional foot care products including Essential oil blends, invigoration gels and soothing creams.

Benefits include: Improved Posture; foot comfort and understanding of self-care protocols.
 – 60 minute Heel-olgy Workshop** with Foot Saver or Waker Kit (both will be available to choose from): $115.00 per person value.
 – Each participant will get a personalized assessment.  Bring your heels with you!  
 – Gift bag of goodies!
 – Products available for use, purchase and as pre-wrapped Gifts.
 – Light refreshments will be served and, we’ll leave the place tidy!!

$150.00* per person value – (Party of 6: $900.00) Book it today!  (626) 371-0000 – This event can be Donated!


More options will be posted this month and please, feel free to let us know if you have an idea of your own and we’ll customize it for you! 


*Price is adjusted if a participant has their own kit already.     **Contact us for contraindications for this class.

Pilates Mastery© & Teacher Training Objectives


Movement Fluency™ Pilates Mastery© & Teacher Training Program Content, Objectives & Goals

    • To acquire Personal Mastery of Pilates concepts, principles, exercises and movements at an individually attainable level and the means by which to deepen a personal Pilates practice.
    • To gain Professional Teaching skills according to the principles and key movement concepts of Pilates in order to work with individual and groups of clients and students.
    • Knowledge and comprehension of contemporary biomechanics, anatomy and anatomical principles as they apply to a core set of Pilates practice and teaching skills.
    • Recognizing and assessing postural conditions and anomalies with an understanding of how movement can correct and ameliorate these through Core Body Knowledge™ Pilates.
    • Developing and implementing safe, sustainable and effective session plans and programs for clients and students from beginner to intermediate/advanced levels for mat and all apparatus, including the how, why and when to modify an exercise or program to either assist or challenge.
    • An understanding of the history, pedagogy and worldwide community of the Pilates Method, tools, apparatus and techniques.
    • Knowledge of ethics, scope of practice and professional obligations.
    • Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion upon meeting all requirements of the Movement Fluency™ d’Anconia Method of Pilates education program.
    • Program designed to prepare participants for the Pilates Method Alliance Certification Exam™
    • Pilates Mat Repertoire | Universal Reformer Repertoire | Cadillac/Trapeze Table Repertoire | Wunda/Combo Chair Repertoire | Small apparatus skills utilizing the jump board, magic circle, rotating discs, balance surfaces, foam rollers, bars, bands & balls | Combining knowledge of west coast, progressive styles with modifications.
    • Creative session plan and program development skills for any proficiency level.
    • Staying passionate and avoiding burn-out is at the center of this training. Developing a confident, poised and professional attitude as a movement teacher.
    • Contemporary anatomical and medical terminology.
    • Understanding indications and contraindications for specific injuries/dysfunctions and special circumstances. 
    • Modern verbal and tactile cueing insights and skills.
    • Studio etiquette, equipment safety and general business-of-Pilates information, such as, how to build a thriving practice in various environments.


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